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Mon-Thu 8am to 6pm (Last Wash)
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Now Hiring – Laundry Attendent for Closing Shifts – Apply in Person

Good friends Jock and Larry purchased the building in 1998. They were business partners under the working title SFBprop (Ask Larry if you want to know what that means!)

The original building had two holes in the floor for drainage from a previous laundry business. This got Jock thinking this building would make a fantastic location for a full service laundromat.

In 1999 Larry and Jock went to the Coin Laundry Association World Trade Show in Orlando Florida, where they purchased all the equipment. It was there that they learned about “Drop Off Laundry,” an idea that they really wanted to try themselves..

So with that they set off to design a new laundry area.

The construction of the new laundromat began in 2001 and where ready to open by June of 2002

Tragically Jock Jouvenat passed away in 2018, leaving Larry alone to run the business. Having a tenured background of nearly 5 decades of construction, 25 years of which being in Douglas County, he was more than capable of handling the maintenance of the building and laundry equipment.

Larry closed his construction company in 2019 to fully focus on the Laundry Mat, and became known as Larry The Laundry Guy.

We fold your laundry.

Do you have a pile of dirty clothes and not the motivation to clean and fold them yourself? Then it is time for you to experience the joy of Fluff & Fold!

Fluff & Fold is an incredibly convenient method to clean clothes and other linens. Simply drop off your laundry at our location, and our staff will wash and dry your clothes for you. Using our commercial washing machines and dryers we can ensure your items are cleaned and well taken care of. When you come to pick up your laundry it will be folded and ready to wear again.


10 New Stack Dryers!

45 lbs w/Reversing!

½ The Drying Time!

Umpqua Aqua

Our water goes through a 5 stage filtration process. We’re the only store in Douglas County that uses a pre-filter and has a bottle sanitizer on site for a quarter!

We have a wide selection of crocs and bottles in two, three, and five gallon varieties. All our bottles are BPA free!

We Are Waiting For You

Just half a mile north of Costco!

4850 NE Stephens St, Roseburg, OR 97470

We Keep This Place Clean